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Columbia Introduces Time and Labor System

Oct. 28, 2013

Over the last several months, Columbia has embarked on upgrading two major pieces of business management software—specifically, upgrading from PeopleSoft HCM 8.9 to PeopleSoft HCM 9.1—and replacing the current outdated Time Entry application with a new and improved PeopleSoft Time and Labor application. This new system, which comes from months of teamwork and research, installing, configuring, and testing, will go live in late November.

The new Time and Labor application will still utilize the same set payday periods while also decreasing the use of hard copy paper timesheets. It will also offer the benefits of online absence/vacation validation for full-time staff, decreasing the chance of time-reporting errors, in addition to being available on the campus-secured network at all times. Columbia VPN-secured network access will be required if logging in from an off-campus location. The new system will also allow employees to enter any time taken away from work, such as vacations, sick days and personal days, to help them keep track of their absences. Lastly, it offers a robust reporting feature and a complete set of internal process controls and workflows.

PeopleSoft Time and Labor will allow employees to log their hours into an electronic system on-line, which will then be sent to the supervisor to be approved. Once the supervisor approves the hours, the online timesheet will be sent to payroll for processing. Employees can view their timesheet to see the status and can follow up with their supervisor if they have any questions regarding approval. Employees and Supervisors will also have access to an online Payable Time Summary report.

“This is Columbia’s Time and Labor,” said Tracy Cargo, director of Payroll. “We are doing this to make life easier for everybody and to make sure we comply with upcoming laws and regulations, such as the Affordable Health Care Act.” According to Cargo, once employees get used to the new process, there may be a change in the payroll process. “As we streamline our processes, we can look to minimize the waiting period for payments to student workers,” Cargo said. To use the system, employees and supervisors will simply log onto the Time and Labor website through a new Faculty/Staff Self Service portal link. Student Workers will simply log on via a new Time and Labor link from Oasis.

For more information, including enrollment in upcoming Time and Labor classes that will be provided to ensure that all employees and managers who report and/or approve time have the information they need to ensure a seamless transition to the new processes at go-live, go to colum.edu/Administrative_offices/Payroll/index.php. Click on the Time and Labor FAQ link in the upper righthand corner. Any additional questions or comments may be sent to ccctimeandlabor@colum.edu.