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Blueprint | Prioritization Town Hall Kicks Off Campuswide Initiative

By Kristi Turnbaugh, Blueprint | Prioritization Communications Team
September 20, 2011

Hundreds of faculty and staff attended Thursday’s Town Hall meeting about the Blueprint | Prioritization initiative at Film Row Cinema. President Warrick L. Carter, Vice President of Planning and Compliance Anne Foley, Vice President for Academic Affairs/Interim Provost Louise Love, and Johann Lindig of Academic Strategy Partners provided background information about the project and process, and answered questions from the audience.

The strategic prioritization initiative will enable Columbia College Chicago to identify areas where the college should invest more resources, where it will maintain existing investments, and where it will reduce investments, as well as consider where realignments in the academic and nonacademic areas may lead to natural collaborations and efficiencies.

The presenters emphasized that examining the current situation and looking to the future are things that every responsible institution must do. Throughout the meeting, they set the prioritization initiative within the context of Columbia’s strategic planning document, Focus 2016, which identifies reduction of operating expenses, prioritization of programs, and reallocation of resources as a key strategy for funding its learning objectives, for ensuring the continuing quality and sustainability of the college’s academic programs, and for meeting the institution’s financial goals.

Two prioritization teams composed of faculty and staff members will guide the information gathering, analyze evidence, and recommend priority decisions to the president, who will set the final priorities in consultation with the Board of Trustees. One of the prioritization teams will evaluate academic programs and is composed primarily of faculty members. The other team will evaluate nonacademic services and administrative functions and is composed primarily of staff members. In August, faculty and staff were invited to nominate themselves or their colleagues – based upon membership criteria developed with input from the faculty senate, the chairperson’s council, and members of the administration – to serve on these teams. From the pool of names, the president selected the members for the two teams in early September.

At the Town Hall, Anne Foley announced the members of the two newly formed Prioritization Teams. The Academic Team is Shanita Akintonde, Suzanne Blum Malley, Jan Chindlund, John Green, Darrell Jones, Terri Lonier, Brian Marth, Murphy Monroe, Larrissa Mulholland, Michel Niederman, Betsy Odom, Dominic Pacyga, and Don Smith. The Support and Operations Team is Donyiel Crocker, Dick Dunscomb, Mindy Faber, Aldo Guzman, Marsha Heizer, Abbie Kelley, Eric May, Nancy Rampson, Amy Stewart, Derrick Streater, Jennifer Waters, and Andrew Whatley.

The presenters also recognized two teams that will support the work of the Academic and Support and Operations Prioritization Teams and keep the college community informed throughout the initiative. The Expert Resources Group is Peter Bouchard, Robert Dale, Royal Dawson, Maryam Fakouri, Elizabeth Herr, Jonathan Keiser, Bernadette McMahon, Patricia Olalde, Paula Scheiwe, and John Wilkin. The Communications Team is Margie Barrett, Peter Carpenter, Diane Doyne, Nicole Fabbri, Jeffrey Grauel, Kathy Jordan‐Baker, Ellen Krutz, Julie Redmond, and Kristi Turnbaugh.

After the presentation, Carter, Love, Foley, and Lindig answered questions from faculty and staff.

For more information about the Blueprint | Prioritization initiative, including team rosters, the Town Hall presentation, and background, go to www.colum.edu/blueprint. If you have questions or comments, please email blueprint@colum.edu.

Watch ColumbiaOnline for more information about the initiative as it progresses.