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EASE Upgrade Allows for Easier Notifications

January 27, 2014

With a recent upgrade to the Every Advantage for a Successful Education (EASE) interface submitting notifications is now even easier than before. Below is an overview of improvements.

There is a new field for adding student names.
The biggest, and most anticipated change is there is no longer a separate, pop-up window for adding student names—this is now built into the form and should make filling in the form much smoother and faster.

Basic information fields are required.
Information fields are now required, meaning a form cannot be submitted until it is completely filled out, which will help the EASE team get more complete and accurate information allowing them to better serve students.

Concerns can only be submitted about active students.
Active students include students enrolled in the current or upcoming term. In the rare event there are concerns about students who are not currently enrolled please call or email the EASE team.

When appropriate, notifications about multiple students can be submitted using a single form.
If there is the same concern about multiple students (for example: multiple students missed a midterm exam, or several students have been absent for multiple class periods) they can all be included on a single form.

For an updated step-by-step guide to submitting a notification, visit the EASE website (http://www.colum.edu/ease).

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