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Filmmaker Cyclists Collaborate on Ride the Battle

CA+S Evan Bartlett's (’14) Ride the Battle web series features 15 cancer patients and survivors during a cross-country bike tour from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Bartlett shares what drives and inspires him, the importance of collaboration, and the challenges he faces as a filmmaker.

Filmmaking is my passion. I am able to get lost in it for hours on end. It keeps me happy. Without it I would be one miserable person. I picked Columbia because of the free spirited students. Plus it is not a university. I am not a sports fan. This means less distractions. I wanted to surround myself with people who are equally as passionate as I am.

I have already completed a feature. It took two and a half years. This goes against my core values. I dedicated my life to show the world that life can be beautiful after cancer. My team is creating a web series this time so it is easier for people to access what we're doing. It will also allow us to complete more stories at a faster rate. 

I am working with Zach Cieslak (BA '13). He was planning on biking across America. He chose to graduate on time instead of biking. I heard about his story through the grape vine and called him. He is now our cinematographer. I met the director, Tim Jacks ('14), in the Producing the Documentary here. He originally wanted to bike across America. I pitched a collaboration idea fall of 2013. We have been in preproduction for one year now.

My team and I acknowledged our fears about this project from the beginning and we planned accordingly.  On the journey, our bikes will break down. We will get caught in the rain; possibly for days. We will have to camp out some nights. We will run out of food. We will piss each other off, but we will start the journey as friends and end the journey as brothers.

The money raised from our KickStarter campaign will allow us to take cancer patients/survivors to experience even more epic "boundless activities." These activities range from hiking to skydiving. It will also allow us to insure our equipment. We plan to do a big cancer adventure once a year.

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