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Alums are in the Business of Hollywood

McCoy and Meyer
Michelle Williams, outsideleft.com

When I met up with Eric McCoy (BA '09) and Justus Meyer (BA '11) they had scored a table at a busy Hollywood coffee house and their fingers were ablaze on their modern tech devices as I approached.

Don't let their sweet demeanors and Midwest manners fool you-these guys mean business. The business of Hollywood, and they are now in the thick of it. I asked them how they came to their current rags-to-approaching-riches state, and was surprised by the positive and adventurous route they've taken thus far.

"Our goal is to make feature films, our job is storytelling. We surround ourselves with people smarter than us. We had access to an unparalleled network at Columbia, and many of those people are here in California now. We seem to get the right talent at the right time. So far, we don't buy any equipment; we have very efficient ops, and put the money won from these commercial contests back into new projects."


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