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Columbia College Chicago

Watching Big Movies on the Small Screen

Photo: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune

But filmmakers in training aren't scaling their aspirations to the tiniest screens.

March 28, 2014 | By Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

So what's it like to be a young filmmaker in that 18-24 bracket shooting stories destined to be watched on a strange variety of screens, often by people who wouldn't dream of shutting off their competing devices for an hour or two?

Ali Hadley ('15), a Columbia College Chicago junior, turns 21 this week. She created a Web series called "Arts & Crafts," working with her fellow Columbia film and video students, buoyed by $6,000 raised through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

"Generally, because I'm a poor college student, I spend a lot of time with Netflix, streaming online," she says. "Sometimes on my iPhone, generally on my laptop." She goes out to the movies now and then (the last one she paid for at a theater: Dallas Buyers Club). Hadley says that as a filmmaker she realizes what she's up against.

"I personally wouldn't want to see on anything but a big screen, but as directors we're going to have to get closer and closer to the face as the screens get smaller," she acknowledges.


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