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B-Real: A Look Inside Urban Movements in the News!

The Chicago Reader: Compagnie Käfig takes hip-hop from the streets of Rio to Columbia College 
Columbia College continues its hip-hop crush this week with "B-Real: A Look Inside Urban Movements," the second installment of its B Hip-Hop series. Like "B-Fresh" last October, "B-Real" is serious about critiquing unbridled masculinity in hip-hop. Fortunately, it's also serious about B-boys and the streets they break on. Some of those streets are in Rio, where Lyon-born choreographer Mourad Merzouki recruited Compagnie Käfig, the Brazilian crew who headline the festival...

The Chicago Tribune: Rebound for Raphael Xavier at 'B-Real' hip-hop festival
Next week, Raphael Xavier will perform at The Dance Center in his autobiographical "The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance." It's just one facet of the first-ever "B-Real: A Look Inside Urban Movements" hip-hop festival, under way and concluding March 1. Dance Center Chair Onye Ozuzu has been planning its "constellation of events" — another performance plus seminars, workshops and battles — with Dance Center executive director Phil Reynolds...


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