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Columbia College Chicago

School Announces New Curricular Pathways

Designed to enable new learning pathways for our students, the School of Media Arts (SMA) has created three new majors: Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing, from existing concentrations. These majors will be effective for fall 2014.

To create the best learning environment for each new degree, effective February 17, 2014, the Advertising and Public Relations concentrations in Marketing Communication will begin to realign with Journalism, to subsequently become one, new department where Journalism, Advertising, and PR students and faculty can work together and also more closely with media production programs and projects.

The Marketing concentration will transition to the Arts, Entertainment & Media Management department.

These changes will not affect current student pathways to graduation or the existing major and degree. Marketing Communication students will be able to continue in their present major, or in fall 2014 switch to one of three new majors: Marketing, Advertising, or Public Relations.

Overall these connections form a bridge between the School of Media Arts to the School of Fine and Performing Arts and back again, as well as an expanded faculty network for all of the students in Marketing, AEMM, and Journalism departments today.

More information about this collaborative network of programs will be communicated later this semester, as faculty have time to discuss these new opportunities with their colleagues.