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Columbia College Chicago

Alumnus Clarissa Bonet on Feature Shoot

2012 MFA Alumnus Clarissa Bonet's Dark City on Feature Shoot

I often found myself driving through the city after dark; I was constantly intrigued and captivated by the beauty of the city night. As the sun went down, the buildings that once were opaque in daylight now become transparent, with the flip of a switch the contents of a room were revealed. Every light emitted from a window hints at the presence of the individual inside. In a place where one cannot see the stars from light pollution the urban space becomes my cosmos. Like stars in the night sky, the buildings of the city hold mystery and awe. Their light twinkling from the skyline leaves me to wonder what and who are inside. — Clarissa Bonet

Chicago-based photographer Clarissa Bonet transforms the towering structures of her urban environment into ethereal, luminous landscapes. Dark City hides as much as it reveals, the physical buildings melting away as the windows become glowing stages of a thousand tales. Transfiguring a cityscape into a natural phenomenon, Bonet’s work evokes the romance and wonder of the unknown. In Dark City, the wandering flâneur casts her eye skyward and longs for just one more story.

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