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Fighting Game and the NoiseFloor Team is Win/Win

F&V adjunct faculty member Cory Coken ('95) with NoiseFloor LTD. co-creator Jamie Vanadia (BA '96), and a staff mainly comprised of Columbia College alums, recently wrapped work on their latest video game collaboration, working with Netherrealm Studios, Warner Brothers and DC Comics on “Injustice: Gods Among Us.”

The multi-platform, one-on-one, match-based fighting game is the latest for the NoiseFloor team. They have worked on Zyinga’s “Horn” and Marvel’s “Avengers Initiative.” Three staff were on the job at all times over the course of the project with more than 70 pieces to build, sometimes with nothing more to go on than a verbal description from the game developers.

When asked what it was like to work on a project like this, Sound Designer John Wong (BA '02) replied “Fun! We were pretty much given free rein with nothing but character direction and technical specs to create epic battle scenes. Even though it was challenging to design for non-completed animation, Netherrealm was easy to work with and it was a successful project.”

Coken and Vanadia believe that Columbia College gave them the technical and business skill set to not be afraid to do something on their own.  “It gave me confidence through hands-on education to try new things and push boundaries,” shared Vanadia.

Vanadia's advice for Columbia students is to not pigeon-hole your skill set. He added, "Take advantage of your mentors and the hands-on experience that Columbia offers. Get out and meet people. Attend workshops and industry gatherings, doors will open."

NoiseFloor is a Chicago-based, full service audio facility entrenched in the Film, Television, Advertising, Gaming and Viral entertainment. The staff consists of Sound Designers, Location Mixers, Boom Operators, Foley Artists, Mixers, Composers, Producers and Marketing professionals. John Wong (BA '02), Gretchen Pitluk (BA '05), Katie Hoban (BA '01), Nick Harris (BA '10), Stosh Tuszynski (BA '12), and Kelsey Lynch ('13) are among the NoiseFloor staff. When asked if there is any particular alum that stands out, Coken replied, “They all do! We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for this talented group of people.”

What’s next for NoiseFloor? In addition to working on the short film, The Other One, NoiseFloor continues to contribute excellent sound on commercials, documentaries, and even a new independent video game—offering both sound design and music composition.