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McCoy & Meyer Launch With 'Famous' Ad

From left, F&V alumni Eric McCoy and Justus Meyer
F&V alumni Eric McCoy, Director (BA '09), and Justus Meyer, Producer (BA '11), have teamed up to formally launch their award-winning production company, McCoy & Meyer.

Their debut is marked with the headline commercial in Famous Footwear's nationwide Mother's Day campaign, "A Letter to Mom." An ode to the things that go unsaid, this piece reminds us to speak our hearts on all the days that aren't Mother's Day. One of fifteen handpicked filmmakers to compete in a contest, McCoy & Meyer are honored to have been selected by Famous Footwear for their winning spotlight film.

With over a dozen projects produced in the last six months, McCoy & Meyer have been applying skills learned at Columbia College to the commercial world of Los Angeles. "Our long term goals still lie in feature production, but there's nothing like being able to hone our storytelling abilities on a daily basis," says McCoy. View the complete body of the duo's work.

Screen captures from McCoy & Meyer's "A Letter to Mom," Famous Footwear's nationwide Mother's Day campaign.