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Alumnus Launches Feature Comedy HURRICANE BIANCA

F&V alumnus Matt Kugelman (BA ‘04) is taking his feature length screenplay Hurricane Bianca into pre-production, slated for shooting this winter. The film is a comedy about a New York teacher who moves to a small Texas town, is fired for being gay, and returns in disguise as a mean lady to get revenge on the nasty town.

Kugelman moved to New York City to intern on Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 and was hired full-time after producing a series of comedic shorts for Moore’s speaking tour. Soon after, he started working as the editor/photographer of CBS News on Logo and was recruited to edit the CBS: This Morning Show when they launched last year.

“The film is a mainstream comedy, but also deals with the very serious issues of getting fired for being gay. In a time when we are talking about marriage equality, it's also important to realize that in 2013, it's still completely legal in 29 states to fire someone because of their sexual orientation,” shares Kugelman.

Hurricane Bianca was written specifically for comedian Roy Haylock, who performs improv comedy as his drag alter-ego Bianca Del Rio in cabarets and nightclubs across the country. Haylock has had many theatrical starring roles that include Angel in Rent, the Emcee in Cabaret, and Miss Mazeppa in Gypsy. As Bianca, he’s appeared on Logo TV's Dragtastic: One Night Standup comedy special and has hosted the annual Bourbon Street Costume Awards during Mardi Gras for more than 10 years.

Michael Musto of the Village Voice says "If this film doesn't get made, I will go to a Texas town—any Texas town—and get some revenge myself."

Brandon Voss from Gay.net writes "This bitchy little gem sounds like it might be worth every cent!"

Hurricane Bianca (available to preview here) is currently in fundraising mode.