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F&V adjunct faculty member David Spodak’s documentary on Kubrick’s Paths of Glory screened in Los Angeles at the Directors Guild of America for DGA members, the press, distributors and invited guests.
Five years in the making, Anatomy of a Film is a documentary analysis of Paths of Glory and the working methods of director, Stanley Kubrick. The film was produced under the auspices of the Directors Guild of America and in cooperation with AMPAS, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, The Kubrick Archive and Kirk Douglas. The film features an exclusive introduction by Mr. Douglas and interactive commentary by producer, Jim Harris, and cast member, Richard Anderson. The film was completed with the help of two grants from Columbia College Chicago.
Stanley Kubrick’s early masterpiece, Paths of Glory, is considered by filmmakers and scholars to be one of the best-constructed and significant American films, but remains one of the most marginalized.
The project was conceived to study the modern art form of cinema with the same level of concentration often given to literature, music, painting and sculpture. The primary objective is to deepen audience understanding and appreciation for the craft and art of filmmaking by combining the subjects of production, technique and aesthetics with historical perspective. The result is a detailed and enjoyable examination of an indisputably great film.
The editorial approach is to let the film play with full visual and aural continuity so that its story line can be followed. Utilizing scripted narration, stills from the film’s set, slow motion, freeze frame, and image comparison, Paths of Glory's structure, methodology and themes are closely examined, delivering insight into the working methods of one of cinema’s most masterful artists.
Part of the DGA's Directors Finder Series the screening will take place on March 22, 2013 at 3:00 pm at the DGA theater in Los Angeles. David Spodak will be present at the screening.

If you wish to attend, contact Spodak at dspodak@colum.edu

Learn more about the film, including sample clips for viewing here.