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Columbia College Chicago

"The Process" Dialogue, topics, community

On the air Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7:30am CT, "The Process" is back for another season of dialogue, topics and community. Each weekend Columbia College Radio Department students host an open forum of communication for those doing good in our neighborhoods. Also discussed are topics that affect residents of our communities and other subjects of interest. Be sure to check out our shows archived on this page. 


The Process February 22 and 23 2014 WCRXFM.COM and 88.1FM Chicago by Wcrxfm on Mixcloud

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In this February 22 and 23 2014 edition - Podcast uploaded every Monday afternoon after show has aired. 

1. Sam Bryer talks to Kara Kennedy talking about the "Lumity" organization and how to provide for non profit organizations in a financial and technological aspect. 

2. Jannel Nunziato interviews Ali Hoefnagle, Outreach coordinator for Aboutface theatre. The topic? Working with people of the LGBT community to help with issues going on in the community. 

3. Josh Stiles talks to Titus Wonsey from "Donde House" about Celebrating making music as a craft. 

Production:Rachel Kasperek Coordinator:Joseph George