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Columbia College Chicago

Finding Fela Kuti in New Short eBook

F&V faculty member Dan Dinello recently published a short ebook titled Finding Fela: My Strange Journey to Meet the AfroBeat King, a memoir of his 1983 trip to Lagos, Nigeria to meet the legendary African musician and political rebel Fela Kuti.

Hero of the oppressed, Fela is the focus of the recent award-award winning Broadway musical Fela! that is now touring the United States.

Thomas Conner mentions Dinello and his book in his lead to his story about the Broadway play Fela! in the Chicago Sun-Times on April 4, 2012 FELA’S FELLAS — Show’s musicians step out for local gigs to celebrate Afrobeat.

Dan's book is available in all ebook forms on:

Amazon.com for Kindle
BarnesandNoble.com for Nook
and iTunes (ipad, iphone, etc.)

After returning from Africa, Dan made a Fela music video for Amnesty International called Army Arrangement.