Open Computer Lab Policies for Alumni

Access to open computer labs is a privilege. Alumni using this lab are supported by the college’s Office of Alumni Relations.

Open Computer Lab privileges are not guaranteed. Alumni are subject to the same rules and procedures that students are.
  • You must have a valid Alumni Card to use this lab. No exceptions.
  • The OAR will issue an alumni card to you. Please visit the office at:
    • 600 S. Michigan Ave., Rm. 400A, M-F, 9-5PM
    • Or, email to request for a card to be mailed to you.
  • Effective August 1, 2008 – alumni must sign in with name and alumni ID# to use the Open Computer labs. No exceptions.

Printing in the Open Labs

  • No one prints for free. This applies to students and alumni users.
  • As of May 19, 2008, the college computer labs have been shifted to a Campus Card credit system for students. Alumni are not eligible for Campus Cards.
  • Alumni will be allowed to print 10 sheets of paper a day, black and white, on the paper provided by the Open Labs. Supported by the Office of Alumni Relations.
  • Should there be needs that exceed this, you must save your work and use an outside printer (ie: Kinkos).
  • Alumni must make computer stations available to students if there are no other stations available. The lab may also be closed for maintenance at the discretion of the Management. Alumni will not be able to use the lab during this time.
  • Tutors and work-aides are provided to assist students only, they are provided for by student tuition and class fees.
  • If you have any technical or application related questions, please request assistance from a Lab Technician or Manager, they will assist you.
  • Lab Technicians and Managers are not responsible for protecting your work and cannot provide alternate media for you to save your work onto.
  • Please save all of your work to disk or removable drive after each work session. SAVING YOUR WORK TO THE HARD DRIVE WILL NOT GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL BE SAFE!